Determining Your Levels of Well-Being

Health is a condition of mental, physical and emotional well being where infirmity and disease are absent. It is the sum total of the ability to live a healthy life, an individual’s ability to deal with forces of nature and the resources available to maintain a healthful lifestyle. Being healthy includes having a capacity to handle the forces of nature and your environment and the resources at your disposal to attain a quality level of health. A person who is fit has the capacity to achieve the maximum level of work and life in all aspects.


Health is affected by physical as well-being, mental well-being, emotional well-being and environmental factors. Mental health is essential in one’s ability to deal with day to day activities and emergencies, and one’s capacity to make wise decisions based on knowledge and values. Mental health comprises the ability to learn, decide and make wise choices in relation to your goals and interests and to cope with stress.

On the other hand, physical health comprises capacity to do everyday activities, maintenance of health and ability to perform ordinary job requirements. Emotional health refers to the capacity to emotionally meet one’s needs and to be able to live a full life despite the challenges. Environmental health refers to the overall health of the environment. The disparity between the levels of well-being could be due to various factors, such as poor health care, greater environmental disarray and exposure to toxins and contaminants, higher incidences of infectious diseases and firearms, and the like.

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