What is a Pharmacy?

The pharmaceutical industry makes, discovers, develops, and commercializes pharmaceuticals or medical drugs for the purpose to heal them, treat them, cure them, or relieve the effects on a patient of them. Pharmaceutical companies can deal in medical devices and generic or brand drugs. They manufacture medicines for humans and other species. They also deal in the research and development of new medicines. A major part of their business is in the commercialization of these drugs and their manufacturing process.


The main article below looks at the pharmaceutical industry in India and the Indian market as a whole, but the pharmaceutical industry is very much alive and well in every part of the world. It is growing fast and all countries want to produce more pharmaceutical products. India has been one of the first countries to make great contributions in the field of medical science and medicines with its active participation in the pharmaceutical Industry and is making huge strides in this area.

The pharmacist is a very important person in the life of a person. He is a dispenser of medicines and he should be an expert in the field of medication and be able to prescribe medicines properly according to the need of the patient. The main article below gives a brief idea on how a pharmacy is organized and works. A pharmacy consists of a store, a sales room, a pharmacy technician, a pharmacist and a medical sales representative who are a part of the staff of a pharmacy.

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